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Innowattech Ltd. has developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways and runways from passing vehicles, trains and pedestrian traffic and converts it into green electricity.
The system, based on a new breed of piezoelectric generators, harvests energy that ordinarily goes to waste and can be installed without changing the habitat. Check out "YouTube - Innowattech's Channel"
HAIFA, Israel (Reuters News Service) reports on Innowattech, Israel:
"Israeli company turns traffic into energy source".

Sukyo Mahikari cordially invites you and a guest to Going Green / New York - Celebrating New York City's Newest Commercial Eco-building.
The event was on Thursday, May 6 2010, between 6:30pm and 9:00pm, on 124 East 31st Street, New York, NY 10016.

Sukyo Mahikari
Going Green / New York - Celebrating New York City's Newest Commercial Eco-building.
It was a beautiful evening last Thursday night when I went down to 124 East 31st Street to Sukyo Mahikari (Soo-kee-oh Ma-hee-KA-ree) Center for Spiritual Development where they were celebrating the opening of their new New York home, which is an entirely “Green” project.

The Center purchased the property – a four-story townhouse – with the intention of refurbishing it as a Green project. As was explained to us by the Center’s director George Houston, at the convocation, it was a far more complicated matter than just “gutting” the building. On this night, however, Margaret Leighton, a representative of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), awarded the organization for their success in creating energy efficiency that will cut their use (and their bills) by more than 30%.

I do not know much about Sukyo Mahikari although I was made aware of it by a friend of mine. Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development is an international nonprofit spiritual and community service organization with more than a million members across the world. Since its inception fifty-one years ago in Japan, it has emphasized the importance of taking major action to restore and revive the earth’s environment.

The Centers themselves are places where people can go to receive light and learn about positive spiritual practices. It is not a religion or a cult although its principles have much in common with most religions and encompass universal truths of people’s relationship with the universal. The light they refer to is “a universal life force from a high dimension, often referred to as God.” Many of its members are aligned with religions, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist.

Another friend of mine personally experienced the “receiving of the light” and was very impressed with its effect on him. I am not one to promote spiritual or religious organizations because I believe that is a purely personal matter with each of us. However, the simple objectives and non-intrusive (physically and philosophically) aspects of Sukyo Mahikari, along with my friends’ experiences in seeking to improve their lives and helping others improve theirs, is very impressive to me, especially in these times of turbulence and turmoil for so many of us, as well as for our planet. To learn more:

Pax Quigley with Michael and Eleanora Kennedy.

Rabbi Marvin Rokayer, Jewish Communities of Southeast Asia and the Far East with William Roberts, Assistant Regional Director, Sukyo Mahikari North America.

Sukyo Mahikari :
The City’s 10th Commercial Green Building.
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John A. Grossman, MD
Nipped, Tucked & Talking
People Magazine
Who's nipped and tucked -- and talking about it?! Celebs you always thought had 'a little work done' (and some you never suspected) are opening up...

Millennium Dental Technologies gets high marks at Dental Product Shopper.

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, DDS, gives advice to parents on children's dental health.

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, DDS, discusses the importance of periodontal disease during Dental Health Month in February, 2011 in New York Carib News.

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, DDS, says eating fruits with high Vitamin C content can help stop teeth sensitivity.

Dr. Kerry M. Goad is a dentist in Richardson, Texas and has a successful practice using The LANAP dental laser that helps stop gum disease.

Dr. Martha Cortes
Springing into Pregnancy - 5 Ways to Spring into a Healthy Pregnancy - Exercise in Pregnancy Articles - Pregnancy

Dr. Martha Cortes
View on YouTube: - Martha Cortes DDS - Live at 5 Video - A laser alternative for treating gum disease, with no pain or discomfort(

Dr. Martha Cortes
Click Here: - Check out "Is your medicine chest family-friendly? - Dental floss’ importance"

Dr. Daniel Behroozan, Santa Monica dermatologic surgeon, and UCLA clinical instructor.

Dawn Bloore, DDS - Perio Perfect - A no cut, no sew, no fear laser alternative for the treatment of periodontitis (Dental Economics-Dental News).

John A. Grossman, MD
Octogenarian to show the world her new face on 'The View'
by Penny Parker, Rocky Mountain News
Hazel York is the 81-year-old newlywed who put her face in the hands of Denver plastic surgeon John A. Grossman for a face-lift.

Pantheon Chemical is a non-toxic chemical company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The president of the company is Laura Roberts.

Anthony Gordon, Esq., California represents plaintiffs against Ernst&Young

Author R.L. Wilson celebrates book signing.

Dr. David Ward demonstrates the LANAP® dental laser that stops gum disease.

Dr. Christopher Wallinsky demonstrates the LANAP®, a dental laser that stops gum disease.

Jacob Stein, Esq. specializes in Asset Protection.

Paul Hepperly is an active member of Sukyo Mahikari and the research director of the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA.
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