Innowattech, an Israeli-based company, has developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways and runways from passing vehicles and converts it into "Green Energy." The system is based on a new breed of Piezoelectric generators that harvest energy that ordinary goes to waste and can be installed without changing the habitat.

Millennium Dental Technologies, a California-based dental laser company.

BWELL Center, a California physician-operated spa treatment center.

SaniProtect, a California-based company.

Pantheon Chemical Company, a Phoenix-based company.

NORESCO, a Massachusetts-based renewable energy company.

Barkley Court Reporters, a New York and Los Angeles company.

Star Knights, A California-based company.

BlushLA offers a non-surgical face lift using the English "CACI Treatment," that is used by top Hollywood celebrities on a regular basis

Youth Inc., a non-profit youth group based in Washington, D.C.

Sukyo Mahikari - an Eastern spiritual practice with one million members throughout the world, is devoted to the sustainability of the Earth.

Pituitary Network Association, is a non-profit organization for patients with pituitary tumors and disorders, their families, and health care providers who treat them.

Berman, Berman and Berman, LLP, a Los Angeles and Riverside, Ca. firm that specializes in defense law. The firm prides itself on its seasoned lawyers, who have been twenty and thirty years of legal experience.



Dr. Martha Cortes, DDS, New York, specializes in Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Bill Dorfman, DDS, “Extreme Team Dentist” on “Extreme Make-Over” TV Show.

Dr. John A. Grossman, Beverly Hills and Denver aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, DDS is a Brooklyn Heights New York dentist. His patients include many famous sports celebrities, such as professional basketball players, Jared Jeffries and Marcus Williams.

Dr. Daniel Behroozan, Santa Monica dermatologic surgeon, and clinical instructor.

Muscle & Fitness Hers - Dr. Daniel Behroozan suggests the best type of sunscreens in Muscle & Fitness HERS magazine.

Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, a New York dermatologic surgeon.

Jacob Stein, Esq., California.
Southern California-based Jacob Stein, Esq. is an authority in the legal field of asset protection and a partner in Klueger & Stein.

Anthony Gordon, Esq., California represents plaintiffs against Ernst&Young

Al Jardine is one of the original members of the famous 1960's Beach Boys. Click Here: Check out "CD Baby: Al Jardine, Family and Friends"

Stanley Weisleder's novel, Wings of the Panther, is a novel based on the stories of the African American pilots who fought in World War II.

Before it was wiped off the map, Judy Rozzelle, a fifth generation Shuffletonian, wrote Shuffletown, USA: A Multi-Voice Memoir, (Parkway Publishers, October 2004), an ode to all small American communities that are being demolished. The book is Rozzelle’s gift to urban Americans, who will never experience how America began and what America was like not so long ago.

"Dawn of Darkness" tells the hidden story behind the greatest scandal of the Second World War: how American soldiers miraculously overcame not only the Bataan Death March but medical experimentation in Manchuria under the Japanese weapons programs. (Also available in Kindle)

The Wine Infusion, New York City

Larry Wilson, author of "SILK AND STEEL, Women at Arms", the first comprehensive presentation on the subject of women and firearms.



Paxton Quigley is on the Board of Trustees of Yo San University, a credited Chinese Herbal Medicine and Accupuncture university. Paxton Quigley is a member of the thousand member professional organization, Provisors. She also writes a column for the organization's newsletter.
Paxton Quigley is a columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine.
Paxton Quigley is a co-founder and owner of Country Sun Natural Foods, Palo Alto, CA.







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